3 SGM  Admission

Online application on the admissions website

The department recruits approximately 85 students per year for the 3rd year.

- 75% are accepted after the first cycle INSA

- 25% are accepted directly in 3SGM after CPGE, DUT or L2/L3

The distribution of direct successful candidates according to their origin is in proportion to the number of applications per place of origin.

On average, the number of direct successful candidates on several cohorts are: 

CPGE: (PC, MP PCSI, ATS): 5-11 (applications are increasing)

DUT: (MP, SGM, chemistry, mechanics) 11-14

L2 / L3: 1-3 (applications are reducing)

4 SGM Admission

Online application on the admissions website

The department recruits between 3 and 5 students every year after a first year of Masters (direct admission 4th year).

We consider applications for the following specialties:

  • Physics or
  • physical chemistry

The success rate of different students directly accepted in 3 or 4 SGM is good, provided that they spare no effort.


       25% of direct successful candidates 3SGM

       Number of successful candidates of every origin in proportion to the number of applications

       1 successful candidate for 10 applications in average