The partnership can take different forms:

  • The internships and the SGM-Company Fair Since a few years ago, our 5SGM students’ Company internship tutors are invited to the department for a day. The exchange between industrial instructors and students during the fairs is a good way to assess the relevance of our training regarding the needs the companies have for the internships offered. 
  • The industrial projects (Group projects 4SGM and end-of-studies project 5SGM) The group projects 4SGM are mainly focused on an industrial issue. Today, the majority of suggested projects come from an external request. One or several tutors of the industrial world interacts with the engineering students and the instructors of the SGM department. In the 5th year, students have to do a research project on one of the platforms of the department. Those research projects are mainly done in partnership with an industrialist.  
  • Sponsorships and outside contributors Since a few years ago, a cohort sponsorship has been set up in the SGM department. A company sponsors a cohort from the third year until graduation. Through those partnerships, some actions of job introduction are set up by engineering students. Via job conferences or mock interviews, students have the opportunity to meet stakeholders of the industrial world, from the technical part or from human resources. It is also a great opportunity for the head of the department to interact with partners of the technical-economic world.
  • Department Plenary Councils Representatives of the industrial world are solicited to participate and give their opinion on our training and on the evolution of engineering jobs during our department plenary councils. Those crucial exchanges for the SGM department allow us to define the major axes of evolution of our training offer.