Welcome to the Material Science and Engineering Department

How to join the department

The SGM department is accessible after the preparatory level at INSA of Lyon. It is also possible to join the departement directly after some L2 equivalent diplomas.

Recruitment is done based on application and interview. Recruitment is open to the following L2 equivalent : CPGE, L2, L3, DUT.

The application must be done the year when the diploma is being prepared (the year following graduation when the first session is in December). It can also be done the following year if the applicant attends a language study vacation abroad in the meantime.

In every instance, the Jury admission will become definitive only if the candidate passes his exams, and pending the verification of the transcripts and results given by the candidate.

List of the DUT allowing to apply to SGM:

Chimie ; Génie chimique - Génie des procédés ; Génie Electrique et Informatique Industrielle ; Génie Mécanique et Productique ; Mesures Physiques ; Science et Génie des Matériaux

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  • To guide industrialists in analyzing and solving technical problems they are facing.
  • To conduct applied or fundamental research, and to train researchers.
  • To create and lead qualifying continuing education.
  • To develop international cooperation.