Group projects / Individual research project (PFE)

The company can be a stakeholder of the SGM training via the group projects in 4SGM4SGM group projectIt consist of cross-disciplinary projects in groups of 6 to 8 students. Those projects take place from October to mid-April. 2h per week are dedicated to the project in the schedule. Every project is supervised by an instructor-researcher of the department and, when possible, by a tutor of the industry. Those projects are presented during a dedicated day in front of the whole cohort and the instructors-tutors. A summary note of about twenty pages is handed in at the end of the project. Those projects are mainly suggested by an associated company and have to be based on a bibliographical research on materials (state of the art, patent, scientific and technological watch...). The documentation center of INSA Lyon makes its bibliographical resources available to students during the duration of the project. Testing can be done during the project with the experimental means of the SGM department and/or of the associated laboratories (MATEIS, INL, IMP), subject to an agreement of the latter. By way of illustration, here are some examples of projects suggested the past few years:“Shape Memory Alloy: state of the art analysis of the monitoring techniques of degradation and aging of the electrical wires insulating materials” “An alternative to soft silicone molds ?” “Thermal management of on-board controller: in the search of the best materials”“Smart Solar Panels: update”... And via the PFE :Individual research project (PFE) in 5SGMThose projects are done from September to end of March on one of the three platforms of the department, which are Structural Materials and Durability (MSD), Polymers and Manufacturing Processes (PPF), and Semiconductors, Components and Micro-nanotechnologies (SCM). Those research initiation individual projects are done in one of the 3 associated laboratories, which are MATEIS for the MSD platform, IMP for the PPF platform, and INL for the SCM platform. In the framework of a topic suggested by an industrial partner, a bilateral agreement is signed between the laboratory in question and the company. As an industrialist, if you are interested in suggesting a PFE, you can get in touch either with the aforementioned laboratories, or with the head of SGM. For illustrative purpose, here are some examples of PFE topics suggested the past few years:“Analysis by X ray tomography of the faults within a founding aluminum alloy” MSD option, “Development of deposit inhibitor in an oil environment” MSD option,“Study of cristalline silicon passivation by PECVD deposition for photovoltaic applications” SCM option, “Optical fabrication and characterization of the high gap semiconducting layer for photovoltaic applications and sensors” SCM option, “Development of compressible elastomer interlayer for adapters and study of the dimensional stability” PPF option,“Development of silicon molds aging methodology” PPF option