Dual degree

Studing at the SGM department offers the possibility to get a dual degree :

  • For international students who come to SGM as part of an academic exchange
  • For SGM students who participate in an academic exchange abroad

For interested students, this training structure itself as follows:

You do your 4SGM at the INSA, then you go to Sendai for 5 semesters: 1 semester is dedicated to learning the language, 2 years of the Masters in Tohoku. This extends the length of the program but it is a very unique opportunity to stay in Japan for a long period of time to grasp the Japanese culture, work methods...

Contact SGM: Alain Fave

A dual degree (DD) exists also with the University of Georgia Tech (USA).

The program lasts 18 months. After your 4th year, you will do one semester at Georgia Tech Lorraine (Metz, France), then one semester at Georgia Tech Atlanta (USA). Finally, you will do an internship during the last semester to validate the whole program.

Note: this program is not free and is very selective on the academic level (typically 15% of the best students).

Find more details about the dual degree on the INSA website :