Academic Exchange

INSA has privileged agreements with more than 200 universities in the world, which allows more than 300 students to participate in academic exchanges in good conditions every year and to benefit from a scholarship in most cases.

For a departure in 4SGM, the duration of the exchange is 1 year; for a departure in 5SGM, the duration of the exchange is 1 semester or 1 year.


Before leaving :

  • Make sure the hosting university and the SGM department are in agreement.
  • Check your visa and your repatriation and health insurance.
  • Pick a friend to be your emergency contact in case of problems in France.

When you arrive :

  • Complete as soon as possible your learning agreement with the RRI.
  • Send your final learning agreement to the RRI and to the secretary.
  • Send us your personal details during your stay (address, phone number, email...)

Before coming back :

  • Retake some exams there (if necessary).
  • Talk to every instructor to make sure you will have a grade.
  • If you did a project, make sure you will have the required proof of project.
  • Make sure people know your details in France and the details of SGM.

When you get back :

  • Write your academic exchange report.
  • Make sure the International Relation secretary has received all the documents related to your exchange before the end-of-the-year Jury.

Date to remember : INSA International days 19 / 20 / 21 october 2016